Button & Magnet Design Information

Actual Size is the size of your button or magnet across the center. Bleed Area is the extra background that will wrap around to the back of the button or magnet and into the crimp. Text Within is the area you should keep any text inside of, to prevent text being too close to the edge and possibly cut off.

File formats: .eps, .ai, and .pdf files are preferred.

Important Information:

  • Do not "crowd" the edge of the button or magnet and keep everything you want on the face a little away from the edge (within the "text within area").
  • Monitor colors do not represent print colors and all printers do not print the same.
  • If possible, print the file you are going to send us before you submit it to make sure you are happy with the quality.
  • If your artwork is not camera-ready, you will be charged a minimum of $65, and $65 per hour thereafter to recreate your artwork so it is print-ready.